Why Custom Hand-Tufted Rugs Are A Must To Perfect Your Decor

Decorating With Rugs

The right themed rug can pull all the elements in the room together and unite them to create an ambience of class and unique charm. Custom hand-tufted rugs bring elegance to your decor. Hand-tufted rugs are woven with virtuosity and articulate luxury and comfort. They give your decor a premier touch.

Hand-tufting is a centuries-old, mesmerizing and intricate activity that uses a canvas as a base to create alluring hand-tufted rugs. A tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas that is stretched over a frame. Custom hand-tufted rugs offer intricate designs and are very versatile and durable.

The Perfect Rug For The Perfect Decor

The right rug can pull and bind all the elements in the room to create the perfect decor.

1. Colours

Light colours make the space look airy and fresh. They blend in with the decor and add a touch of elegance and sophistication. But if your theme is vibrant, a bright coloured hand-tufted rug is all you need! Bright colours allow you to experiment and indulge in fun hues. They offer an instant restyling of the space.

2. Patterns

A bold pattern highlights the furniture in the room. It is a hallmark of modern decor that accentuates the clean lines and vibrant colours of the room. Softly worn patterns easily enhance any decorating style by muting the colours that could otherwise overwhelm the decor.

Rugs are a powerful presence in any space. Most of the decor can be themed to reflect or revolve around the patterns and colour scheme of the rug.

3. Manage Space

Smart placement of hand-tufted rugs allows you to seamlessly blend open spaces. This idea is especially useful in open floor plans. It creates a comfortable space between two living spaces that are otherwise separated, by helping to tie them together. Each space’s unique identity is preserved, but the overall decor offers a smooth transition from space to space.

4. Create Variety

In large spaces, you may want to use custom rugs of different sizes to create a sense of variety. Using identical rugs will cun visually cut the rooms aesthetics. A perfect way to decorate a large room is by separating it with custom area rugs. Rugs are known to add definition to apartments, homes, rooms and commercial spaces.

5. Connect Spaces

Custom rugs have the power to unify connecting rooms and add a visual connection. If there are connecting rooms in your house, you maintain the visual flow from one room to the next by placing a similar-styled or coloured rug. This works particularly well in neutral or minimal spaces.

Looking For Custom Hand-Tufted Rugs?

Established in 1991 in India, Rugs & Riches as a custom rugs manufacturer has been weaving art and transforming passion into surrealistic rugs. Our hand-tufted rugs adorn the floor space in over 51 countries. We have tufted rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial establishments.



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