Why are Carpets used as Hotel Floor Covering?

Hotels and other hospitality establishments rely on carpets as a big part of the decor. Carpets uplift the mood of the space and add charm to the hotel ambience. A good carpet can single-handedly make or break the flow of decor in a space. Hospitality establishments spend big dollars and choose the carpets carefully to blend in with their decor theme.

But is decor the only reason hotels or other hospitality establishments choose custom carpets as part of the interior style? Read on to know more.

No Flooring Around!

Hotels and hospitality establishments receive a huge amount of footfall. Hotels are usually dust magnets owing to their busy location and the number of visitors they receive. The chances of stain and grime damaging the flooring due to accidental spills are very high in hotels. Damage to the flooring caused due to the wear and tear due to incessant walking and lugging of heavy luggage over it is another concerning factor. Hotels and hospitality establishments are high-density areas, the time and opportunity available to clean the floor areas are very limited.

Hotels are also usually very large, open spaces. Such being the case, the noise amplification factor is very high in them. Without proper sound insulators and dampeners, they can turn into echo halls! A big headache zone when you consider the number of people and the number of conversations in varying intensities that will fill the hotel space!

Hotels and hospitality establishments are also high-risk fire threat regions. The chances of a fire accident are very high in such places. All it takes is one careless stray spark and the result could be catastrophic. Hence, the carpets that are used in these places must be fire-resistant.

Here’s a Neat Trick!

Hand-tufted carpets offer a great solution to safeguard the flooring of hotels, yet add swank to the overall decor of the place. Carpets keep the flooring neat and clean and improve the general feel of the place.

The carpets used in Hotels differ from the ones used in homes. They are specially crafted to withstand a high amount of abuse and yet look good. They are designed to blend in with the overall theme of the hotel decor. The hand-tufted carpets are extremely durable and are almost maintenance-free. They can withstand heavy traffic and do not wear out fast. Custom Hand-tufted carpets that adorn the floor spaces of hotels and hospitality premises capture and retain dust. They keep the general air quality of the establishment clean.

Carpets made for hotels and hospitality establishments are usually water-resistant. They can withstand accidental spillages that are bound to happen at hotels. They do not stain and can be cleaned quite easily.

Noise insulation is another benefit that is gained by adding a carpet as part of the decor. The carpets being thick and plush, they can muffle noise to a great extent.

Carpets made for commercial establishments like hotels and other hospitality premises are made to be fire retardant. They resist fire and are a safe addition to the decor.

If your hotel flooring is old and worn out, carpets are an inexpensive yet awesome way to spruce up the ambience. They can hide the worn flooring effectively and give the visitors a plush, stylish and cozy surface to walk on.

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