Want to Decorate Your Room with a Rug? Here Are Some of the Hottest Styles

Do you want the new rug you just bought from a store or the existing rug at home to look amazing? Well, it’s our pleasure to announce today that we are giving you the most important rules for the perfect placement of an area rug in your rooms. Before searching for new area rugs, you should take the length and breadth measurement of the entire room and then the size of the area that you want to fit it in for example, a living room with table and chairs or a bed with a pair of nightstands. This is essential in determining the correct size of rug that you need in these spaces. After doing this, follow this ideal decorating recommendations mentioned below:

Styles Of Rugs For Bedrooms

When looking for rugs for your bedroom, take into consideration the below points:

1. The rug that you get should be big enough so that it fits underneath the bed and is also extended from either side by at least one foot. This is to ensure that the rug does not look dwarfed by the bed. Ideally, you should step on the rug when you come out of the bed in the morning. Besides this, your nightstand should also fit on top of the rug for a better and appealing look.

2. Before placing smaller bedroom rugs, take the measurements of the width of the bed. Preferably, the rug should extend several inches past the edges of the bed although you can also go for one that fits the dimension well. Avoid going for smaller rugs if you do not want them to appear like doormats.

Styles of Rugs For Dining Room

For this type of room, we follow only one rule. The rug should be centered right underneath the dinning table. The rug should be long and wide enough so that the complete dining table fits in. Not only the table but also we need to ensure that even if you push the chairs out, they should still be on the rug.

Styles of Rugs For Living Room

1. Select large area rugs big enough to cover underneath all the furniture in this room. This is important especially in large rooms, to ensure that the proportions are similar and balanced. Also, it helps prevent the “floating” furniture look. Many designers prefer to follow the 18-inch rule leaving some bare floor space between the edges of the rug and the walls. However, we think you could go smaller and leave lesser space, which is ideal for smaller rugs in smaller rooms.

2. Choose floor rugs that are big enough to rest under the front legs of all armchairs, love seats, and furniture sofa. We adore this look because it instantly unifies the seating areas in most seating rooms.

Remember, if the room is divided into two you can get even more creative while placing the rug. Instead of using one big rug for both areas, use two different rugs. However, to keep the balance, ensure that the rug is arranged in the same under-the-front legs. Also, the rug should be of the same style and have the same color palette.

3. Do not go for a “postage stamp” look, which is a rug that is 3 foot by 5 feet and can only accommodate a small coffee table, legs of an armchair, and nothing else. This looks out of proportionate. If in case you have a small rug, try putting it on top of a larger carpet that follows either of the above rules. For it to stand out, remember to offset the small one at an angle.

Styles of Rugs For KidsRroom and Nurseries

We recommend following the number 2 living room style for a kids’ room or Nursery, which is using a large rug that fits under the front legs of all furniture. If the bed is put towards the wall it is even better as it leaves a large play area on top of the rug for kids. This is extremely practical as it makes the room easy to clean and also makes the room look spacious.



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