The Popularity Of Modern Pop Art Love Rug By Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana, the great American pop artist once said, “My goal is that LOVE should cover the world!” His words did indeed come true but in a very literal sense! His iconic motifs of LOVE and HOPE are immortal and extremely popular. They have come to personify and symbolize the very theme and essence of the words. They are enduring symbols of the great American Pop Art movement. Everyone is sure to have come across these motifs at least once. The name Robert Indiana might not be a familiar one, but his LOVE has surely covered the world!

From an Artist to an Icon

Robert was born on the 13th of September, 1928 in New Castle, Indiana. He was born Robert Earl Clark. Later he adopted the name of his home state ‘Indiana’ after serving in the United States military. Right from his early days, young Robert was artistically inclined. His teacher recognized his innate talent and nurtured his creativity. 

By the early 1950s, Robert began exhibiting his works in exhibitions. The exhibits were very popular and he won several prizes and accolades. His works drew much appreciation. Robert, in the 1960s, began experimenting with letterforms and started adding words to the artworks. This is where his famous work ‘LOVE’ found its origin. The ‘LOVE’ paintings, with bold and colorful letterforms, caught the world by awe. Robert gained much recognition from this series. His works of LOVE and HOPE are extremely well recognized even today. They are an iconic part of the American Pop Art movement and gave Robert Indiana cult status.

 A ‘Loom’ing concept!

Robert Indiana contracted galleries to convert his artform into custom rugs, motifs, and tapestries. Robert Indiana’s hand-tufted carpet, with its bold letterform of LOVE, has become the very image of the great American Pop Art movement. It is a much sought-after rug that is extremely popular even to this day. Though the image was created way back in the 60s, it has endured into modern times and has become iconic indeed. Its popularity has only grown stronger with age.

In the ‘LOVE’ letterform art, the letters ‘V’ and ‘E’ serve as the base, with the letters ‘L’ and ‘O’ perched over them. The letter ‘O’ is placed at an angle. The asymmetry of the letter ‘O’ gives the image its charm and unique appeal. The colours of the pop art rug are bold and vibrant. The enticing colour contrast creates a stunning visual impact. In typical Robert Indiana’s signature style, the rug is bold and beautiful. The rug is sure to uplift the mood of any room it is spread in and lends the ambiance a fun factor. 

The hand-tufted rug is an iconic symbol of the pop art movement. Bringing true the words of the great Robert Indiana, the hand-tufted area rug by Rugs & Riches covers the world in LOVE – quite literally!   

Rugs & Riches

Rugs & Riches has been weaving fine art into beautiful rugs. We are renowned for our quality and craftsmanship and it is this trait that drew us into an association with a LOVEly artist! In 2004, Rugs & Riches signed up with the legendary American artist associated with the pop art movement, Robert Indiana. With this association. Rugs & Riches gained exclusive rights of translating the iconic LOVE symbol into a limited edition series of hand-tufted premium rugs. What is even more special is that each of the labels is hand signed by the artist, making them a work of art to treasure.



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