Struggling To Decide Which Carpet Shape To Buy? This Will Help!

When it comes to decorating your home, the kind of flooring you select not only displays your character, but it also adds that important aesthetic appeal and comfort needed for your humble aboard. Consequently, the market is awash with all types of area rugs, modern carpets, and other carpet designs to accommodate everyone’s sense of personal touch. Whichever color, size, or shape of carpet you are looking for, you cannot miss finding what you want and even the type of custom rug manufacturer you want.

However, as good as all this sounds, many people often get confused as to which home carpet to buy. While you can get a custom carpet made for you, this can be quite expensive. Instead, you can go for the more common and popular carpets that are easily available in the market in different designs and shapes such as rectangular carpets, circular carpets, squared carpets, and irregular carpets.

Now that you know which carpets and rugs are popular and are good for your home, how do you go about selecting the one that is functional, has the best aesthetic appeal, and best suits your home? Below you will find five criteria to look into when buying a home carpet or commercial carpet.

1. Aspect of complementarity

When choosing the type of carpet and rug to put in any room – be it a commercial carpet or modern area rug, you should ensure that it complements more than one item in the room for a harmonious result. In fact, irrespective of the rug and carpet you choose, this feature must exist if you want a stylish and functional result.

2. Room angularity

Rectangular carpets are particularly popular mainly because they suit many homes – which are in fact rectangular in shape. By selecting a carpet – be it a floor carpet, stairs carpet or bedroom carpet – which matches the surface on which it is placed, a sense of harmony, practicality, and functionality will arise. In fact, this will further increase your home’s proportionate look.

In the case of squared carpets, they are actually easier to incorporate in a room as compared to circular carpets and rugs mainly because of their angular shape, which is found in the majority of homes. Nonetheless, proper styling is required for the best effect to be achieved. Moreover, in areas where the square motif is repeated such as under a squared dining area or in a square room, these are the best carpets to buy. In fact, you can even use them in your contemporary or minimalist styled home.

3. Seating plan

If you want a carpet design that complements your angular/rectangular-shaped furniture or rectangular seating arrangement, then the best choice is the rectangular-shaped carpet. If you choose this type of carpet, you should ensure that its size is big enough for tucking away under your furniture. If the room you want to use it on is small, then you can ignore this rule. This is primarily because buying a carpet that is large will make the room look smaller.

4. Shape and size

When deciding on which carpet to get for your home, you need to also factor in shape and size. If you overlook this criterion, then your home will seem off.

In all essence, a carpet should fit the size of the area on which it is placed – which does not necessarily have to be a whole room. Since you will place all of the furniture in your home on the rug, the best way to go about this is to place the front-legs only. The basic rationale here is to place your feet on the fabric and not the floor. In the case of a dining table, the carpet needs to encompass the entire dining area such that when someone pulls out a chair and sits down, they will still be sitting on the rug.

When the seating area takes up the entire room’s space, you also have to think about the orientation. In essence, square rooms look superbly good with round carpets or square carpets. In the case of rectangular rooms, then a rectangular carpet would do just fine provided it is facing in the same direction. If your furniture is circular in shape, then you should purchase a large round carpet. This is great for round dining areas and even for circular seating arrangements. In fact, you can go a step further and put it along the hallways. This will make the bland space more appealing and add an element of quirkiness.


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