Custom Rugs For Your Living Room – Art You Can Walk On

Floored by Rugs

Flooring is the foundation of any good room. A great rug will make everything fall into place. Though it sounds like a simple or a small thing, a custom rug really has the potential to impact the space and has a dramatic effect on the ambiance. A good rug completes and uplifts the aesthetics of a room all by itself.

Carpets That Define Your Style

Home decor is as unique as your. It is a collection of what you love the most. Every piece of furniture in your house is an extension of your personality. A home tells the story of who you are. This is why a customized rug is a decoration your living room floor needs.

Make Your Own Work Of Art

Hand-tufted rugs and carpets offer luxurious and artistic appeal. Hand-tufting is a much quicker and more versatile process than traditional hand-knotting. It creates smart, tough quality, made-to-measure custom rugs that add beauty to your living room floor space and make an interesting addition to your interior decor.

Hand-tufted rugs are made by hand as well as mechanized tools. Hand-tufting is a process where skilled artisans use handheld ‘tufting tool’ to insert wool, viscose, or linen tufts through a tough polyester mesh stretched tight on a metal frame. Designs are outlined and numbered on the canvas and skilled craftsmen fill in the spaces with respective colors. Be it mono-colors or a combination of two or three colors twisted together per tuft or extrusion of yarn, a blend of colors is made possible by hand-tufting. The rugs are backed with latex and a secondary cotton backing is affixed on them for proper stability and grip. Finally, the rugs are sheared for excess wool fibers, hand-carved using scissors by individual craftsmen to give the design prominence by separating the colors. Textures can be chosen – be it a light carving, a deep 3D effect, or a simple solid lustrous satin finish, every style and option is available to suit your discerning taste.

What we offer

Rugs and Riches, a custom rugs manufacturer in India, began as an institute in the hills of Darjeeling generations ago. We are now an internationally renowned brand and our highly customized rugs adorn prestigious spaces in more than 51 countries.

Our specialties include

  • Digital Lifelike Renders : We can convert your favorite painting or photograph into a rug. Our skilled artists can share a design sketch within just 3 days.

  • Unlimited Colour Options: Our goal is to get each hue exactly right. Our In-house dyeing facilities allow us to match shades and hues to your liking.

  • Countless Yarn Types: Viscose screams sheen, wool commands royalty and linen gives a feel of nature. There are many many yarns to choose from.

  • Innumerable Textures: Our expert craftsmen can literally bring sensuality to a rug and make your feet feel the heavens.

  • Instant Sample Strike-off: A strike-off or a hand feel sample can be made within 7 to 14 days to give you an actual feel of the rug.

  • Quick Production: We are geared up for a quick turnaround time of 6 to 8 weeks without compromising on the quality. Special requests can be executed in as fast as two to four weeks.

  • Status Update: We provide the weekly status of all orders and pictorial online production images during all stages periodically.

  • Consistency: Despite being a handmade product, quality and finish remain uniform.

  • Privacy/Intellectual Rights: Your designs and concepts remain solely yours and are safe with us.

  • Projects: Our team will handle your project professionally by providing a support system to understand and execute your vision.

Rugs and Riches creates an ‘Art You Can Walk On.’ Our innate passion and love for art keep our creativity alive and are expressed in every rug crafted by us. Through our attention to detail and quality and our collaboration with exceptional designers and artists, we are recapturing the spirit of craftsmanship and the joy of creating art you can truly walk on.



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