The Popularity Of Modern Pop Art Love Rug By Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana, the great American pop artist once said, “My goal is that LOVE should cover the world!” His words did indeed come true but in a very literal sense! His iconic motifs of LOVE and HOPE are immortal and extremely popular. They have come to personify and symbolize the very theme and essence of the words. They are enduring symbols of the great American Pop Art movement. Everyone is sure to have come across these motifs at least once. The name Robert Indiana might not be a familiar one, but his LOVE has surely covered the world!

From an Artist to an Icon

Robert was born on the 13th of September, 1928 in New Castle, Indiana. He was born Robert Earl Clark. Later he adopted the name of his home state ‘Indiana’ after serving in the United States military. Right from his early days, young Robert was artistically inclined. His teacher recognized his innate talent and nurtured his creativity. 

By the early 1950s, Robert began exhibiting his works in exhibitions. The exhibits were very popular and he won several prizes and accolades. His works drew much appreciation. Robert, in the 1960s, began experimenting with letterforms and started adding words to the artworks. This is where his famous work ‘LOVE’ found its origin. The ‘LOVE’ paintings, with bold and colorful letterforms, caught the world by awe. Robert gained much recognition from this series. His works of LOVE and HOPE are extremely well recognized even today. They are an iconic part of the American Pop Art movement and gave Robert Indiana cult status.

 A ‘Loom’ing concept!

Robert Indiana contracted galleries to convert his artform into custom rugs, motifs, and tapestries. Robert Indiana’s hand-tufted carpet, with its bold letterform of LOVE, has become the very image of the great American Pop Art movement. It is a much sought-after rug that is extremely popular even to this day. Though the image was created way back in the 60s, it has endured into modern times and has become iconic indeed. Its popularity has only grown stronger with age.

In the ‘LOVE’ letterform art, the letters ‘V’ and ‘E’ serve as the base, with the letters ‘L’ and ‘O’ perched over them. The letter ‘O’ is placed at an angle. The asymmetry of the letter ‘O’ gives the image its charm and unique appeal. The colours of the pop art rug are bold and vibrant. The enticing colour contrast creates a stunning visual impact. In typical Robert Indiana’s signature style, the rug is bold and beautiful. The rug is sure to uplift the mood of any room it is spread in and lends the ambiance a fun factor. 

The hand-tufted rug is an iconic symbol of the pop art movement. Bringing true the words of the great Robert Indiana, the hand-tufted area rug by Rugs & Riches covers the world in LOVE – quite literally!   

Rugs & Riches

Rugs & Riches has been weaving fine art into beautiful rugs. We are renowned for our quality and craftsmanship and it is this trait that drew us into an association with a LOVEly artist! In 2004, Rugs & Riches signed up with the legendary American artist associated with the pop art movement, Robert Indiana. With this association. Rugs & Riches gained exclusive rights of translating the iconic LOVE symbol into a limited edition series of hand-tufted premium rugs. What is even more special is that each of the labels is hand signed by the artist, making them a work of art to treasure.


Ideas To Decorate Your Space With Custom Area Rugs

A rug is the single most important object which has the ability to lift the ambience of a space by itself. It can revamp a room’s look and positively impact the space. A custom area rug of beauty is a joy forever.

When decorating a space with custom area rugs, there are a few factors that need to be considered.


Rugs are usually neutral, but if you are looking to add charm to your space it is always a good idea to scout for a rug that will match the theme. Be it retro, modern or plain ‘jazzy’ select a rug that will accentuate your space. Here are a few super elegant floor carpet designs for your residential space.


The right sized rug occupies the available space perfectly and compliments and elevates the ambience of the room. An appropriately scaled custom area rug accentuates the aura of the space and does not appear cluttered or overbearing. When shopping for a rug it is a good idea to measure twice, buy once. The thumb rule for the rug size is that the rug must be large enough to cover the conversation area while leaving the front legs of the furniture just over it as an anchoring element to keep the rug in place.


A custom area rug looks best when it compliments at least two accent colours. Light colours create an airy atmosphere, while dark-themed rugs lend depth to the space. Vibrant coloured rugs add charm to the room and uplift the mood. Colours offer an instant transformation and help set the perfect mood.


When choosing a custom area rug for your space, it is imperative that you consider the intended application, material of the rug and the cleaning and maintenance requisites of that particular rug. Hand-tufted rugs are usually more versatile and durable. They are also easy to maintain and are best suited for areas that see higher footfall.


A rug may look good, but it is also essential that it feels good and serves its purpose. The feel of the rug depends mainly on the material used and the technique used for weaving. Rugs woven entirely with wool and silk are exquisitely soft and plush. They are expensive and quite delicate. Rugs are woven with jute add a raw aura to any space. They are soft and are hence not suitable for rough usage. Hand-tufted rugs with cotton and synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester etc offer a balance between feel and durability. They are rugged, long-lasting and can be used in high-traffic areas and are relatively easy to maintenance.

Looking for more ideas?

Rugs & Riches as a custom rugs manufacturer in India caters for clients from across the globe. Any colour, any design, any shape, and in any quantity – our expertise is highly customized with excellent craftsmanship and product delivery.

Established in 1991 in India, Rugs & Riches has been weaving art and transforming passion into surrealistic rugs. Our hand-tufted rugs adorn the floor space in over 51 countries. We have tufted rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial establishments. We have numerous successful projects executed around the world to our credit.

Our expert craftsmen can literally bring sensuality to a rug and make your feet feel the heavens. If you are looking for the best hand-tufted rugs from India then your search ends here.


Why Custom Hand-Tufted Rugs Are A Must To Perfect Your Decor

Decorating With Rugs

The right themed rug can pull all the elements in the room together and unite them to create an ambience of class and unique charm. Custom hand-tufted rugs bring elegance to your decor. Hand-tufted rugs are woven with virtuosity and articulate luxury and comfort. They give your decor a premier touch.

Hand-tufting is a centuries-old, mesmerizing and intricate activity that uses a canvas as a base to create alluring hand-tufted rugs. A tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas that is stretched over a frame. Custom hand-tufted rugs offer intricate designs and are very versatile and durable.

The Perfect Rug For The Perfect Decor

The right rug can pull and bind all the elements in the room to create the perfect decor.

1. Colours

Light colours make the space look airy and fresh. They blend in with the decor and add a touch of elegance and sophistication. But if your theme is vibrant, a bright coloured hand-tufted rug is all you need! Bright colours allow you to experiment and indulge in fun hues. They offer an instant restyling of the space.

2. Patterns

A bold pattern highlights the furniture in the room. It is a hallmark of modern decor that accentuates the clean lines and vibrant colours of the room. Softly worn patterns easily enhance any decorating style by muting the colours that could otherwise overwhelm the decor.

Rugs are a powerful presence in any space. Most of the decor can be themed to reflect or revolve around the patterns and colour scheme of the rug.

3. Manage Space

Smart placement of hand-tufted rugs allows you to seamlessly blend open spaces. This idea is especially useful in open floor plans. It creates a comfortable space between two living spaces that are otherwise separated, by helping to tie them together. Each space’s unique identity is preserved, but the overall decor offers a smooth transition from space to space.

4. Create Variety

In large spaces, you may want to use custom rugs of different sizes to create a sense of variety. Using identical rugs will cun visually cut the rooms aesthetics. A perfect way to decorate a large room is by separating it with custom area rugs. Rugs are known to add definition to apartments, homes, rooms and commercial spaces.

5. Connect Spaces

Custom rugs have the power to unify connecting rooms and add a visual connection. If there are connecting rooms in your house, you maintain the visual flow from one room to the next by placing a similar-styled or coloured rug. This works particularly well in neutral or minimal spaces.

Looking For Custom Hand-Tufted Rugs?

Established in 1991 in India, Rugs & Riches as a custom rugs manufacturer has been weaving art and transforming passion into surrealistic rugs. Our hand-tufted rugs adorn the floor space in over 51 countries. We have tufted rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial establishments.


Why are Carpets used as Hotel Floor Covering?

Hotels and other hospitality establishments rely on carpets as a big part of the decor. Carpets uplift the mood of the space and add charm to the hotel ambience. A good carpet can single-handedly make or break the flow of decor in a space. Hospitality establishments spend big dollars and choose the carpets carefully to blend in with their decor theme.

But is decor the only reason hotels or other hospitality establishments choose custom carpets as part of the interior style? Read on to know more.

No Flooring Around!

Hotels and hospitality establishments receive a huge amount of footfall. Hotels are usually dust magnets owing to their busy location and the number of visitors they receive. The chances of stain and grime damaging the flooring due to accidental spills are very high in hotels. Damage to the flooring caused due to the wear and tear due to incessant walking and lugging of heavy luggage over it is another concerning factor. Hotels and hospitality establishments are high-density areas, the time and opportunity available to clean the floor areas are very limited.

Hotels are also usually very large, open spaces. Such being the case, the noise amplification factor is very high in them. Without proper sound insulators and dampeners, they can turn into echo halls! A big headache zone when you consider the number of people and the number of conversations in varying intensities that will fill the hotel space!

Hotels and hospitality establishments are also high-risk fire threat regions. The chances of a fire accident are very high in such places. All it takes is one careless stray spark and the result could be catastrophic. Hence, the carpets that are used in these places must be fire-resistant.

Here’s a Neat Trick!

Hand-tufted carpets offer a great solution to safeguard the flooring of hotels, yet add swank to the overall decor of the place. Carpets keep the flooring neat and clean and improve the general feel of the place.

The carpets used in Hotels differ from the ones used in homes. They are specially crafted to withstand a high amount of abuse and yet look good. They are designed to blend in with the overall theme of the hotel decor. The hand-tufted carpets are extremely durable and are almost maintenance-free. They can withstand heavy traffic and do not wear out fast. Custom Hand-tufted carpets that adorn the floor spaces of hotels and hospitality premises capture and retain dust. They keep the general air quality of the establishment clean.

Carpets made for hotels and hospitality establishments are usually water-resistant. They can withstand accidental spillages that are bound to happen at hotels. They do not stain and can be cleaned quite easily.

Noise insulation is another benefit that is gained by adding a carpet as part of the decor. The carpets being thick and plush, they can muffle noise to a great extent.

Carpets made for commercial establishments like hotels and other hospitality premises are made to be fire retardant. They resist fire and are a safe addition to the decor.

If your hotel flooring is old and worn out, carpets are an inexpensive yet awesome way to spruce up the ambience. They can hide the worn flooring effectively and give the visitors a plush, stylish and cozy surface to walk on.

Get Custom Hotel Rugs & Carpets Designed!

Rugs & Riches was established in the year 1991 in India. Since its inception, Rugs & Riches has been weaving art and transforming passion into surrealistic rugs. Our custom rugs adorn the floor space in over 51 countries. We have tufted rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial establishments. We have numerous successful projects executed around the world to our credit. Browse our collection of custom rugs.


Handmade Rugs From India: The Luxury You Can Afford

Handmade Rugs from India have the capacity to single-handedly lift the mood of a room. They can turn a seemingly cold and indifferent room into a warm and cozy place. The mere presence of a rug elevates the ambience of a place.

Rugs as Vibrant as the Country

India is a rich and vibrant country. Colours occupy a prime place in our culture and traditions. Over the centuries, our love for the splash of colours has spilled onto the rugs we produce as well.

Rugs have been around in India for hundreds of years. Indian handmade rugs are created from diverse materials such as wool, silk, cotton, jute, synthetic etc. Indian rugs make use of the finest materials and boast of excellent workmanship. They are unique for the colours and designs they exude. They are exported to over 100 countries and are much sought after globally.

Traditionally Indian rugs were woven entirely with wool. Woollen rugs are very luxurious and give a warm feel. Being entirely hand-tufted, woolen rugs are exquisite and a little expensive (know more about custom hand-tufted rugs). Rugs are also woven with Silk. Silk rugs are rich, classy and delicate. They are works of art that can be cherished as heirlooms. Silk rugs can be made entirely with silk or a blend of silk-wool.

Rugs hand-tufted with jute lend a natural and raw aura to any space. They are soft and are hence not suitable for rough usage.

Rugs hand-tufted with cotton and synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester etc are rugged, durable and long-lasting. They can be used in high-traffic areas and are relatively easy on maintenance. They are also inexpensive.

Custom handmade rugs from India are renowned for their intricate designs, colours, durability and the high-quality materials used. They have versatile and alluring designs. The artisans follow a rich rug-making tradition that is many centuries old.

Imagination is the true magic carpet.

At Rugs & Riches, we truly live by this quote. If you are looking for the best rugs in India then your search ends here. As a custom rug manufacturer, we have been weaving magic since 1991. For us, transforming passion into surrealistic rugs that adorn the floors in over 51 countries is the greatest joy there is. Our expert craftsmen bring sensuality to a rug and make your feet feel the heavens.


Things to Know When Buying Hand Tufted Rugs From India

A great hand-tufted rug complements and completes the interior space. It lends a beautiful touch to the decor. Rugs capture and captivate attention at first glance. They give out the perfect style statement.

Hand-tufted Elegance

Hand-tufted rugs bring in beautiful designs to your room. They are made with expertise and speak of luxury and comfort. They give your floor a premium look. Hand-tufting a rug is a meticulous and mesmerizing process. A hand-tufted carpet is made with a canvas as a base, stretched over a frame. A tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas. Any design can be woven into the canvas. The dedication and the hard work that goes into the making of a hand-tufted rug is reflected in the intricacy of the finished product.

Hand-Tufted Rugs From India – A Handmade Magic

It has been widely acknowledged that Mughal emperor Akbar introduced the art of carpet weaving to India during his reign. The Mughal emperors patronized Persian carpets for their royal courts and palaces. The style gradually blended with Indian art and absorbed the local styles, tastes and designs. Thus the carpets produced became typical of Indian origin and the industry began to diversify and spread all over the subcontinent. The carpets made in India became extremely popular and their demand spread abroad as well.

Today, the Indian hand-tufted rugs & handmade carpets industry is a thriving industry that caters to a global audience. Hand-tufted rugs from India are well known for their designs with attention to detail and the presentation of realistic attributes. Indian-made carpets are well respected for their craftsmanship and quality. Indian hand-tufted rugs are among the most desired. The classy elegance and handiwork quality is much-admired. Indian hand-made carpets are exported to over 100 countries and are much sought after globally.

Custom hand-tufted rugs woven in India are renowned for their intricate designs, durability and the high-quality materials used. They have versatile and alluring designs. The artisans follow a rich rug-making tradition that is many centuries old.

Custom Hand-Tufted Rugs Manufacturers in India

Established in 1991 in India, Rugs & Riches has been weaving art and transforming passion into surrealistic rugs. Our rugs adorn the floor space in over 51 countries. We have tufted rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial establishments. We have numerous successful projects executed around the world to our credit.

Our expert craftsmen can literally bring sensuality to a rug and make your feet feel the heavens.


Custom Hand Tufted Rugs – Everything You Need To Know

A good hand-tufted rug can complete your decor. Custom Rugs liven up the space and make a room cozier and better. Rugs add a quintessential charm of their own to any space.

When it comes to choosing a rug, Hand-Tufted rugs strike a perfect balance. They slot right in between the expensive hand-knotted ones and the run-of-the-mill Machine-made Rugs. Hand-Tufted rugs can be dubbed Mr. Practical of the rug world. They combine affordability, exclusivity, durability, and usability into one stylish bundle of warmth.

What is Hand Tufting?

A hand-tufted rug is a much higher-quality rug than one made by a machine. Hand-tufted rugs are crafted by a weaver guiding the pattern or yarn. The backing is made with the rug’s design punched onto a frame. Next, strands of wool or yarn are placed on the frame and are punched using a tufting gun. After the punching, another piece, called a scrim, is placed on the rug with an adhesive to keep the fibers intact. The scrim holds the yarn safely in place. The carpet’s exposed loops are then sheared so the rug becomes flat. The edges of some hand-tufted rugs are bound to make them stronger.

Custom Hand Tufted Rugs Are Handcrafted charm

Hand-tufted rugs are deeply textured and come in rich hues and designs. There are unlimited colour options, countless yarn types and innumerable designs to choose from. They lend a cozy charm that helps you unwind. Custom hand-tufted rugs have personality, warmth, and durability woven into every fabric. Since they are relatively faster to make when compared to other handwoven rugs, hand-tufted rugs are a more affordable option too.

The long-lasting construction of a custom hand-tufted rug means that the cozy attraction of your room hogs the limelight for many years.

Maintenance & Durability

Hand-tufted rugs are rugged and relatively easy to maintain. If treated fair, they will last for a very long time.

Hand-tufted rugs have to be vacuumed at least once a week to get rid of all the dirt and dust. The rugs must never be shaken or beaten as it will damage the fibers.

If the rug becomes stained, gently wipe the grime off and vacuum the remains. Use a cloth and lukewarm water to remove wet stains. While simple blotting can get rid of stains, avoid using too much water as it can loosen the glue that secures the yarn. Never rub the stains vigorously.

Rotating the rug frequently to regulate the amount of sunlight and foot traffic it receives can help preserve the freshness of the rug and increase its life by manyfolds.

Custom Hand Tufted Rugs by Rugs & Riches

Rugs & Riches began as an institute in the hills of Darjeeling generations ago. We are now an internationally renowned brand. As a recognized custom rug manufacturer, our rugs adorn prestigious spaces in more than 51 countries. Our expert craftsmen can literally bring sensuality to a rug and make your feet feel the heavens.


Modern Rugs and Home Renovation

Everyone wants their home filled with some element of beauty, be it a touch of class, incorporation of adventure, or simply a sensation of elegance. There are many ideas that can be put in place to remove some element of emptiness in a room and fill it with beauty as well as glamour. One of the easiest ways one can do this is by incorporating a show-stopping rug.

Just a single piece of custom rug can change the whole outlook of a room by incorporating the different colors that are featured in the furniture and walls. In other words, rugs tend to give a room definition as well as anchorage.

Modern rugs have a number of usages and among them is a separation of different areas in a home. A modern rug can be used to separate the foyer from the patio or sitting areas from dining areas among many others. This comes in handy mostly in smaller apartments by giving them some element of space, making them appear larger than they actually are. In larger rooms rugs can also be helpful as they can be used to create different sitting areas from a single sitting area.

Modern rugs are not just meant to be strictly placed on floors. They can also be hung on the walls, which gives the room an artistic view. In this case, you just have to ensure that the colors you pick for your rug blend well with the theme colors of the room, especially the wall colors.

Nowadays rugs do not come in rectangular shapes only like they used to sometime back. This means that you have a wide range of shapes to choose from when selecting the best rugs for your home. The kind of furniture in a room should dictate the type of rug to feature in terms of shape. Furniture with clean edges as well as sharp lines blends well with circular or oval rugs.

An advantage that comes with incorporating rugs as mentions earlier is that they are a cost-effective means of decorating a room. You always have the option of changing them every now and then depending on the season or your mood. For the colder seasons, however, it would be best to invest in modern rugs made of wool.

The great thing about modern rugs after all that has been said and done is that they can be featured anywhere in the home, ad not just in the living room. So if by any chance you feel your child’s room is dull and outdated, you can always spice it up with a touch of an eye-catching modern rug.


Super Elegant Floor Carpet Designs For This Century

Furnishing your room with the right kind of design goes far by providing that room with the desired feel as well as controlling the lighting of it. It is said that furnishing is the most important part of building construction. That is what they say. In my perspective, I’d say that the general appearance of a room is culminated by everything in its décor. With that, there comes the question of what trends are out there concerning interior design, especially the floor carpet designs? Below is a detailed description of some of the most amazing trends to look at when sourcing carpets and flooring material.

Elegant Floor Carpet Designs With Patterns

In terms of ranking, this would score it all. People are enchanted with what these patterned carpets can offer, and they are actually using them. If you want a carpet design in this category that portrays a contemporary and attractive feel then the geometric patterned ones should be your destination. Textured and tufted are the heroes in terms of durability. One common ground for all these designs is that you can add some heights if you need them to be a little bit cushier.

Rugs & Riches’s hand-tufted pebbled carpet is the perfect choice for a textured and patterned carpet.

Cool Neutral Floor Carpet Designs

For plain wall, window dressing, and furniture flooring this is a perfect choice. It will blend well with the less sophisticated paint design giving the room a calm atmosphere. The most dominant in this group are the light taupe and grays which both form a versatile color combination, capable of being incorporated with any other painting. In fact, they are the suitable choices for householders who would want to be changing their décor nearly all the time. Although they are not perfectly neutral, muted blue and teals are loved too. This is because most of the time they have a gray subdue that enables them to be integrated like any other neutral color. For places where extra stress on the design is needed (like hallways and playrooms), they are a perfect choice.

Super Soft and Comfortable Floor Carpet Designs

Comfort is the bottom line when buying any flooring material. You always want to step on some soft stuff that isn’t cold like the tiles. With that in place, we understand how much comfort means to you and that is why we go a long way to bring you the best of these furnishing materials. The ideal places to use this soft and comfy style of carpets are in the living room, the bedroom, and training rooms like the gym, spas, and yoga floors as well.

Area Rugs and Carpet Offsets

You can’t cover the whole house with the same floor carpet design. You will have to embrace change. In rooms that already have carpets, you can use a layer of smaller carpet on top of it. The carpet offset will make the room look more appealing. Don’t leave those tiles at home uncovered. Properly designed custom rugs can be spread on them to make them look nicer.

No matter how complicated you want to make the room appear, Rugs & Riches as a premium custom rugs manufacturer will design it for you. Get the best ready-made and custom-designed carpets here at a pocket-friendly price. Transform your entire house appearance with some of these elegant trends you won’t find anywhere else in the market.


Struggling To Decide Which Carpet Shape To Buy? This Will Help!

When it comes to decorating your home, the kind of flooring you select not only displays your character, but it also adds that important aesthetic appeal and comfort needed for your humble aboard. Consequently, the market is awash with all types of area rugs, modern carpets, and other carpet designs to accommodate everyone’s sense of personal touch. Whichever color, size, or shape of carpet you are looking for, you cannot miss finding what you want and even the type of custom rug manufacturer you want.

However, as good as all this sounds, many people often get confused as to which home carpet to buy. While you can get a custom carpet made for you, this can be quite expensive. Instead, you can go for the more common and popular carpets that are easily available in the market in different designs and shapes such as rectangular carpets, circular carpets, squared carpets, and irregular carpets.

Now that you know which carpets and rugs are popular and are good for your home, how do you go about selecting the one that is functional, has the best aesthetic appeal, and best suits your home? Below you will find five criteria to look into when buying a home carpet or commercial carpet.

1. Aspect of complementarity

When choosing the type of carpet and rug to put in any room – be it a commercial carpet or modern area rug, you should ensure that it complements more than one item in the room for a harmonious result. In fact, irrespective of the rug and carpet you choose, this feature must exist if you want a stylish and functional result.

2. Room angularity

Rectangular carpets are particularly popular mainly because they suit many homes – which are in fact rectangular in shape. By selecting a carpet – be it a floor carpet, stairs carpet or bedroom carpet – which matches the surface on which it is placed, a sense of harmony, practicality, and functionality will arise. In fact, this will further increase your home’s proportionate look.

In the case of squared carpets, they are actually easier to incorporate in a room as compared to circular carpets and rugs mainly because of their angular shape, which is found in the majority of homes. Nonetheless, proper styling is required for the best effect to be achieved. Moreover, in areas where the square motif is repeated such as under a squared dining area or in a square room, these are the best carpets to buy. In fact, you can even use them in your contemporary or minimalist styled home.

3. Seating plan

If you want a carpet design that complements your angular/rectangular-shaped furniture or rectangular seating arrangement, then the best choice is the rectangular-shaped carpet. If you choose this type of carpet, you should ensure that its size is big enough for tucking away under your furniture. If the room you want to use it on is small, then you can ignore this rule. This is primarily because buying a carpet that is large will make the room look smaller.

4. Shape and size

When deciding on which carpet to get for your home, you need to also factor in shape and size. If you overlook this criterion, then your home will seem off.

In all essence, a carpet should fit the size of the area on which it is placed – which does not necessarily have to be a whole room. Since you will place all of the furniture in your home on the rug, the best way to go about this is to place the front-legs only. The basic rationale here is to place your feet on the fabric and not the floor. In the case of a dining table, the carpet needs to encompass the entire dining area such that when someone pulls out a chair and sits down, they will still be sitting on the rug.

When the seating area takes up the entire room’s space, you also have to think about the orientation. In essence, square rooms look superbly good with round carpets or square carpets. In the case of rectangular rooms, then a rectangular carpet would do just fine provided it is facing in the same direction. If your furniture is circular in shape, then you should purchase a large round carpet. This is great for round dining areas and even for circular seating arrangements. In fact, you can go a step further and put it along the hallways. This will make the bland space more appealing and add an element of quirkiness.


If you are wondering where you can get all types of carpets and rugs, then Rugs & Riches is the place. Not only do we have top-quality carpets, but we also have all types of carpet designs and custom carpets. By closely following advancements in the weaving industry and partnering with the best Indian carpet dealers, we are able to offer the best carpets at affordable prices. This coupled with the fact that we have been in the industry for two and half decades has enabled us know and study the trends that are best for homes.

Furthermore, for us at Rugs & Riches Home, customer satisfaction is the primary concern and we always aim to deliver the best so that you can have the best accompanies by unequaled customer service to all. This is what makes us the custom rug manufacturers and the best place to buy carpets.