Floor Art – An Emerging Trend

Recently, a new trend, one that has made art more fun, accessible and practical, emerged in the world of interior design. People from everywhere around the country are loving to have beautiful artworks transferred from the walls of their homes and museums to their floors. Because its copyright has expired, this art form is freely accessible to everyone. So, famous paintings and other artworks can be reproduced on the floor of every home or office, and an innovative method of doing this is to have a custom rug made with your favorite design on it. The rugs with sophisticated museum art are simple enough and add a classic look to your home whereas the rugs with clear designs; simple straight lines and bold colors go well with modern interiors.

Having a custom rug created is quite simpler than you think. There are several companies that create rugs with your own design, in any size you specify. Be it a simple rectangle, a square, or an oval, you can get a rug created in any shape. With the right design, size, and color pattern, a rug can seamlessly blend in with the interiors. In other words, a good rug always ties the room together.

Of course, creating a custom rug will cost you more than buying a standard one, but the freedom in selecting your own design and shape is unbeatable. Plenty of options are available ranging from plain wool to a mixture of different materials. Those who are looking for a rug that can withstand the test of time may opt for a hand-knotted rug while those on a realistic budget should prefer a hand-tufted one.

You don’t always have to select a complex artwork (such as a painting) as a design for your custom rug. Even your child’s drawing or a pattern on your drapes or cushions can be copied onto the rug. In fact, any design that goes well with the interiors works perfectly well. Also, different colors can be picked from fabrics, walls, or even light fittings to bring out a beautiful color scheme. Getting something created according to your taste adds a perfect finishing touch to your home and gives you plenty of satisfaction. Who knows, it may even be more cost-effective than you thought.

Rugs & Riches is one of the leading carpet manufacturers that specialize in custom hand-tufted rugs. You may visit our online website any time to check out our huge collection of designs.

The below is a piece of art made by us. This was customized for a customer with a fetish for collecting rocks. Rugs & Riches with its unique techniques converted the rocks into a carpet making it look real like.



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