Our Presence

An institute that began in the hills of Darjeeling generations ago, with trading in the Himalayan passes, it soared to the metropolis and become the internationally renowned brand it is today.  Our rugs have been spread out in 51 countries and still growing.

Our Commitment

  • A standard of excellence in every  aspect of our business

  • Ethical and responsible conduct in   all our operations

  • Respect for the rights of all  individuals

  • Respect for the environment

Our Facilities

  • A standard of excellence in every  aspect of our business

  • Ethical and responsible conduct in   all our operations

  • Respect for the rights of all  individuals

  • Respect for the environment

Digital Life Like Renders

Convert your favorite painting or   a photograph into a rug and have our artists share a design   sketch with you within just 3 days.

Unlimited Color Options

Our goal is to get each color exactly right. Our In-house dyeing facilities allow us to match shades and hues to your liking.

Countless Yarn Types

Viscose screams sheen and wool  commands royalty and linen gives a feel of nature, there are  many more yarn types to choose from.

Innumerable Textures

Who said hell's down under? Our  craftsmen can literally bring sensuality to a rug and make  your feet feel the heavens.

Instant sample strike off

A strike off or a hand feel sample  can be made within 7 to 14 days to give you an actual feel of  the rug to come.

Quick Production

We are geared up for a quick turnaround  time of 6 to 8 weeks without compromising on the quality.  Special requests can be executed in as fast as two to four  weeks.

Status Update

We provide weekly status of all orders and pictorial on line production images during all stages periodically   for you to share with your customers.

Consistency in Repeats

Despite being a handmade product,   quality and finish remains uniform on all repeat orders.

Privacy/Intellectual Rights

Your designs and concepts  remain yours solely and are safe with us. We ensure secrets  are not shared.


We take the load off you .Our team will handle   your projects professionally by providing a support system to   your architects and interior designers' needs.

Our Specialties



Hand-tufting is a process where skilled artisans use handheld ‘tufting tool’ to insert wool, viscose or linen tufts through a tough polyester mesh stretched tight one a metal frame. Designs are outlined and numbered on the canvas and skilled craftsmen fill in the spaces with respective colors. Blend of colors made possible, be it mono colors or a combinations of two or three colors or twisted together per tuft or extrusion of yarn. Blend of yarn made easy with more than one type being used in a single rugs to give a unique effect Subsequently, the rugs are backed with latex and a secondary cotton backing affixed on it for proper stability and grip. 

Finally,  the rugs are sheared for excess wool fibers, hand carved using scissors by individual craftsmen to give the design a prominence by separating the colors. Choice of textures is made, be it a light carving, a deep 3D effect or a simple solid lustrous satin finish.  


Hand - tufting   a  much quicker process than traditional hand knotting, is more versatile that creates a smart, tough quality made to measure in custom size, shapes, designs and colors.

Very   well-travelled, Suresh is a trekker, a biker and a mountaineer. He has walked many  miles in different shoes  an  interacted with artists   across the  world. This diversity of spirit and learnings from his associations  with  multi-faceted  artists  are embodied in Rugs & Riches.


A  qualified yoga  teacher  and   practitioner and  a  task - driven Leo, this rug - ged man brings to our carpets a  zen - like realm for creativity, and a  roaring  fire for the finesse of our finish. 

Rugs & Riches was conceptualized and created by Mr. Suresh Rateria in 1991. Suresh can be described as an impulsive  & unconventional romantic, who made it his mission to transform  his love of surrealist art,  architecture, and   photography into contextual medium that he could really sink his feet  into.


Our Founder

Our Projects

At Rugs & Riches we have been hand tufting rugs, carpets and floorings for residential, hospitality and commercial realms and have successfully executed numerous projects around the world. The following are some to name a few:

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