Jacques Borker

Jacques Borker was born the year of 1922 in the city of Paris, France. He is a French artist who was one of the most influential and one of the best-known tapestry designers of the twentieth century. Borker has always been valued for his fresh abstract, art deco and contemporary tapestry designs.He is well – known for his bold interpretation of the abstract, as well as for his mastery of line work. Borker’s art is often associated with Bauhaus and the Art Deco the art movement.He studied a number of artistic disciplines including architecture at Ecole des Beaux Arts. During World War II, he was a part of the liberation of Toulouse and a member in the French resistance.Jacques, art has been showcased at many art galleries and museums around the world.

Robert Indiana, one of the preeminent figures in American art since the 1960s, has played a central role in the development of assemblage art, hard-edge painting and Pop art. A self proclaimed “American painter of signs,” Indiana has created a highly original body of work that explores American identity, personal history and the power of abstraction and language, establishing an important legacy that resonates in the work of many contemporary artists who make the written word a central element of their oeuvre.


Robert Indiana


Ton Schulten

Ton Schulten is a Dutch painter who mainly paints landscapes using bright blocks of colour. Schulten was one of six baker’s children. He graduated fom the Enschede Academy for Art and Industry in 1962 as a graphic designer and worked in advertising.

Eva Langaas’ recent international success was when in 2007, she was invited by the Minister of Culture in Paris to attend the annual Spring Exhibition “Salon Nouvelle reality.” Since 1946, this annual event has been held in prestigious showrooms like the Grand Palais and Le Parc Floral de Paris. Eva Langaas was invited to represent the Nordic region with world renowned artists such as Per Kirkeby, Denmark and Bengt Lindström, Sweden.


Eva Langaas

Susan Sargent

Susan Sargent

Susan began her art career at a young age, and by 12 had settled on textiles as her major focus. She collected vintage textiles from high school on, and learned to print and silkscreen on fabric. She became obsessed with weaving, and made her way to Sweden as a junior in college. Finding her bliss at a small family spinning and dyeing business, She spent two years there, and two more years in trade school learning to weave and dye.